House of Aurelius
Aurelius coat
Coat of arms of the House of Aurelius




King of Aloia




Gustaf II of Aloia

Current head

Martin II, Duke of Kalmar


Svean Aloians

House Aurelius is a noble family in Aloia and the former royal house of Aloia. The house was established by Gustaf II of Aloia. The last Aurelius monarch was Victoria Augusta. House Tordenskjold succeeded House Aurelius as the royal house of Aloia following the death of Victoria. Because she was female, Aloian law and traditions of the time didn't allow her to pass her house to her children. Her son Erik XIII established the House Tordenskjold on his accession to the throne.

The Aurelius family continues to play a major role in the politics and religion of Aloia. Queen Victoria III's husband, Prince Daniel, and the former Archbishop of Uppsala Erik Aurelius are members of the family. Daniel's children, Crown Princess Marina and Prince Oscar, are related to the family through their father, but they're officially members of House Tordenskjold.

Though he was named Tordenskjold, Folke Tordenskjold was a member of the House of Aurelius. Tordenskjold inherited his name from his mother who used her father's surname when she chose to pursue a public career, but she and her children were members of Aurelius through her mother Victoria Augusta, not the House Tordenskjold which was started by her brother.