House Broeckdorf
Broeckdorf Coat of Arms


Duresia, Farve


Regent of Holy Duresian Empire, Duke of Ermland, Duke of Schaleswik-Seeburg (current), Duke of Hoensbroek,



Final ruler

Regent Wenzel Broeckdorf


Lyrian, Farvean

Head of House

Georg ver Broeckdorf


Church of Lyria

The House of Broeckdorf is a cadet branch of the Hoensbroek Dynasty that has ruled Duresia with intervals since 1490.

House Broeckdorf was founded by a bastard son of Emperor August III. The Emperor allowed his son outside of marriage to found his own house and he chose the town of Broeckdorf in the Duchy of Schaleswik-Seeburg to be the name of the house.

Known to be loyal supporters of House Hoensbroek, many members of House Broeckdorf participated in civil wars with Hoensbroek crown the last being at the end of the Great War.

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