The House of Dukroil-Deisjei was one of the royal families that controlled pre-unified Kaevi. The family ruled most of what is now northern archipelagan Kaevi from 3117 BCE to 1919 CE before abdicating under threat of execution by Zhrain Kaileel Kei's revolutionary military.

List of Monarchs

Name Reign Title
1 Kaimprinil Vostul Dukroil 397-359 King
2 Buskul Jisdonil Dukroil 359-343 King
3 Isofolwe Wofavre Deisjei I 343-310 Queen
4 Niomwe Feinkon Deisjei 310-307 King
5 Raimpril Halkoil Dukroil 307-298 King
6 Olavfiom Sonewa Deisjei 298-279 King
7 Isofolwe Wofavre Deisjei II 279-255 Queen
8 Taskonil Erejosko Deisjei 255-239 Queen
9 Dewojalep Nonil Deisjei 239-236 King
10 Zeivoskil Ifo Dukroil I 236-212 King
11 Zeivoskil Ifo Dukroil II 212-179 King
12 Zeivoskil Ifo Dukroil III 179-170 King
13 Hopolkaske Royulkum Mosunjalep I 170-152 King
14 Sinsofol Nakefil Mosunjalep 152-129 Queen
15 Hopolkaske Royulkum Mosunjalep II 129-112 King
16 Filkosarenil Vofavre Deisjei 112-95 Queen
17 Ilonil Doremaske Deisjei 95-57 Queen

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