House of Nordahl




Queen of Aloia




Gustaf XIV of Aloia

Current head

Victoria III of Aloia


Saxon Aloians,
Svean Aloians

The House of Nordahl, the current royal house of Aloia, has reigned since 1901. Its founder was Gustaf XIV, who reigned from 1901 to 1950. The House of Nordahl succeeded the House of Aurelius as the royal house of Aloia following the death of Queen Victoria Augusta of Aloia. Because Victoria was female, Aloian law and traditions of the time didn't allow her to pass her house to her children. Her son Gustaf XIV established the House of Nordahl on his accession to the throne. The name Nordahl comes from his father, who had been the Duke of Nordahl before marrying Victoria.

The 1975 Law of Equal Succession granted female monarchs the right to pass on their house to their children, allowing current queen Victoria III to one day pass on her royal house to her descendants. 

The list of Nordahl monarchs is as follows:

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