House Vedoys

Жавоъло Ведоис'но

Vedoys coat




King of Marquette Prince of Besançon Duke of Aravil Count of Bravil




Torino,Count of Bravil

Current head

Frédéric IV of Marquette

 House Vedoys (Montesi: Жавоъло Ведоис'но) is the ruling family of the Princedom of Besançon and its head, Frédéric IV, currently holds the title King of Marquette. House Vedoys was founded in 1114 when Torino became count of Bravil. The family rose to prominence during The Clamor, in which several other families utilized the chaos of an invasion by the Eurasian Empire to grab power. 

The rulers of House Vedoys used their strategic central position, along with their formidable natural borders -- including the sea to the west and the Brica Mountains in the east -- to establish dominance over the other Marquetien princes. In fact, 22 of the 39 Marquetien kings have been of House Vedoys. 

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