House of the Senate
Curia Eurasiana
The Senate Building

Architectural Style

Classican (Urbance)

Town or City






Construction Started



Laurentine Republic

Technical Details

135,000 m2
(1,450,000 sq ft)



Open to public


The Curia Eurasiana, known as the "House of the Senate", is the meeting place of the sole legislative body of Eurasia, the Imperial Senate. It was constructed at an unknown period to house the senate of the Laurentine Republic, the state that was the predecessor to the Eurasian Empire. After the collapse of the republic, it was reclaimed by Julius Eurasius for use by Eurasian senate. It has functioned in this capacity since.

Initially much smaller, the building has been expanded upon many times, both due to necessary renovations or due to the increased size of the empire, which necessitated expansion of the Senate chamber.

The Senate building also serves as the Ministerial home for the tribunate, who occupies an office within the standard senatorial offices. The building itself is one of the oldest in Eurasia, and is viewed as a cultural landmark and heritage site, having been classified as such by the Ministerium of Culture.

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