Imbrispi Confederation
Imbrispi Bond
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Fane Vilvoorde

Official languages

Old Lyrian




tribal chiefdom

Final Chief




The Imbrispi Confederation (Old Lyrian: Imbrispi Bond; Eurasia: Confoederatio Imbrispi) was a tribal confederation made up of Lyrian chiefdoms during the 700's and 800's CE. They occupied a great deal of what is now the Mediolanian Peninsula. Their attacks against the Eurasian holdings in the south of the peninsula resulted in the War of the Numentine, which ended in a Eurasian victory and the destruction of the Confederation.

The Confederation itself was unified by Imbricentiorix in 695 through a series of arranged marriages and warfare. A series of border clashes with the Eurasian Empire resulted in a full-fledged war, which culminated in the Cleansing of the High Fane, another name for Fane Vilvoorde, the capital of the confederation. The Eurasians laid siege and overcame the tribesmen, and in 739 the confederation was destroyed and Imbricentiorix imprisoned. With the destruction of the confederation, many surviving Lyrian tribes fled north into modern-day Duresia, and others remained in what became the Eurasian provinces of Audrinia and Mariana.

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