Isabel IV
Queen Isabel in 2008


18 May 2005 - 3 August 2012


11 August 2005


Nina II


Sofia X


Heinrik, Crown Prince of Duresia

Royal house

House of Vergara (by birth)
House of Hohenzbrock (by marriage)


Luceo, Duke of Andalusia


Nina II


Church of Lyria
(formerly Aetherism)

Isabel IV, White Princess of Arveyres (Isabel Nina Milana da Vergara; born 12 September 1972 in Calabasas, Arveyres) was the Monarch of Arveyres between 18 May 2005 and 3 August 2012, Grand Thaumaturge of the Royal Pantheon, and the head of the ruling royal house, the House of Vergara. She was succeeded by her younger twin sister, Sofia X.

Isabel ascended to the throne on 18 May 2005, following the assassination of her mother, Nina II. She was crowned in the Temple of Diana on 11 August 2005. She ascended during a time of turmoil in Arveyres, following her mother's assassination. She is regarded by the Arveyran people as a blessing for bringing together the country from a time of sorrow and woe.

Born in the Virgin Palace in San Simeon, Calabasas to Queen Nina II and Duke Luceo of Andalusia. Isabel was educated at the elite Imperial Prepatory School in Civitius alongside Augustus IV, current Emperor of Eurasia, she later attended the University of Sevilla, receiving a doctoral degree in socioeconomics.