Jeanne Beauchene

Political office

62nd Chancellor of Aloia

In office

10 January 1997 - 10 January 2005

Preceded by

Georgia Bell Davis

Succeeded by

Alma Gillespie


Jeanne Michaelle Beauchene
6 September 1957
Cadiz, Alhambra, Arveyres

Political party

Social Democratic Party


Patrick Harrison



Alma mater

University of Minnesota
University of the Sacred Heart


Catholic (Church of Cadiz)

Jeanne Michaelle Harrison (born 6 September 1957), known publicly as Jeanne Beauchene, is the president of the University of St. Mary in Minneapolis, as well as a former journalist and Chancellor of Aloia. Beauchene was a member of the Social Democratic Party.

Upon her election as Chancellor of Aloia, Beauchene became the fourth female Chancellor, third African Aloian Chancellor, and third Arveyran-born Chancellor. 

Beauchene was born in Cadiz, Arveyres, to Jean and Rosa Beauchene who moved to Minneapolis when Jeanne was 3 years old. Beauchene grew up in Minneapolis, graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in journalism and received her master's degree from University of the Sacred Heart. She then worked for the Minneapolis Sun, climbing up the ladder of success very quickly. She became highly involved in her local chapter of the Social Democratic Party and was convinced to run for a seat in the Senate in 1988.

Beauchene won and represented southeast Minneapolis in the Senate. She met her future husband Patrick Harrison while she was working at the Capitol in Zumbrota. Beauchene married him in 1991. She kept her maiden name to prevent any voter confusion. Beauchene ran for Chancellor in 1996 on the Social Democratic ticket, defeating incumbent Green Party Chancellor Georgia Bell Davis. Beauchene served 2 terms.

After she was defeated in the 2004 election by Christian Democrat Alma Gillespie, Beauchene returned to Minneapolis where she was chosen to serve as president of the University of St. Mary.

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