Christ Pantocrator mosaic in Marquetien style, c. 1130


c. 4 BCE
Fiqir (modern-day Figeria), Judea, Eurasian Empire


c. AD 30–33
(aged c. 33)
Almeria, Judea, Eurasian Empire

Cause of death


Jesus (/ˈdʒiːzəs/ Solivinian: Ἰησοῦς, translit. Iesous; Hebrew: ישוע‎, translit. Yēšū́aʿ, lit. 'Yeshua; "He saves"'‎; c. 4 BC – c. AD 30), also referred to as Jesus Christ was a Jewish preacher and religious leader who has become the central figure of Christianity. Christians believe him to be the Son of God and the awaited Messiah (Christ, the Anointed One) prophesied in the Old Testament. He was executed by crucifixion in Almeria, then a part of Eurasia, in 30 to 33 CE.

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