Jonathan Beasley

Political office

42nd Chancellor of Aloia


10 January 1857 - 10 January 1861

Preceded by

Ulysses Stephens

Succeeded by

Peregrine G. Chase


Jonathan Edward Beasley
15 April 1795
Redwood Falls, Anglia


22 October 1876
Minneapolis, Anglia

Political party

Royalist Party

Alma mater

University of Minnesota


Church of Aloia

Jonathan Edward Beasley (15 April 1795 - 22 October 1876) was an Aloian lawyer and politician who served as Chancellor of Aloia from 1856 to 1860. He was preceded by Ulysses Stephens and succeeded by Peregrine G. Chase. Beasley was a member of the Royalist Party.

During the Aloian Civil War, Beasley was a member of the Senate of Aloia and worked hard to advance the agenda of Chancellor Stephens in the legislature. Beasley was known to be an important supporter of Chancellor Stephens. When Stephens announced his retirement in 1856, Beasley was the logical successor to Stephens and Beasley was elected in the fall of that year.