The founder of Judaism, Abraham.


1812 BCE




Eurasian-occupied Granada (Arveyres)

Nations with largest adherents:


Judaism (from Eurasian Iudaismus) is a monotheistic faith originating in Arveyres prior to the occupation of Granada by the Eurasian Empire.

Judaism is often considered to be the forefather of Christianity, and non-Abrahamic adherents make very little distinction between it and its sister faith. Judaism centers around the first half of the Abrahamic Holy Book, the Bible, known as the "Old Testament".

Spread to Kaevi

The religion first arrived to Kaevi in 1741 after a group of Jewish immigrants made their way to the Kaevi Archipelago fleeing persecution in Eurasia. They were first denied entry by the Astoka Fiefdom, so they traveled southwards to the Pokotil Empire hoping they would be more receptive to their plight. A Pokotil nobleman accepted the group of approximately 700 immigrants and gave them land in the then sparsely-inhabited island of Fondikom. Since then, the Jewish population has grown to nearly 80,000 adherents, primarily residing on Fondikom to this day. Yistu Kedodari Sairemontevu is a member of the faith and was elected to be Speaker of Kaevi.