The Julian Caledar is the calendar system used in Eurasia. It is the basis of the modern international civic calendars used internationally. It was formerly used in Arveyres before the implementation of the Arveyran Calendar in 1013.

Month English Start Ends
Ianuarius Janus Jan 1 Jan 31
Februarius Unknown origin Feb 1 Feb 28 (29 on intercalary day)
Martius Mars March 1st March 31st
Aprilis Month of Open Flowers April 1st April 30th
Maius Month of May May 1st May 31st
Iunius Month of Juno June 1st June 30th
Iulius Month of Julius July 1st July 31st
Augustus Month of Augustus Aug 1st Aug 31st
September Seventh Month Sep 1st Sep 30th
October Eighth Month Oct 1st Oct 31st
November Ninth Month Nov 1st Nov 30th
December Tenth month Dec 1st Dec 31st

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