Nine ob julianos symbol

The symbol of Julianos, a pyramid.

Know the truth. Observe the law. When in doubt, seek wisdom from the wise.

Julianos (Eurasian: Iulianus) is the Deosian god of wisdom and logic. He is also associated with languages and mathematics, and is often the center of worship regarding laws, justice, and contradiction. He is the patron-god of courts and judges, alongside Stendarr, and his cults are often found amongst the wealthy and elite of Deosian society. Monastic orders dedicated to Julianos are the keepers of the Elder Scrolls, the holiest works in all of Novem Deos and the equivalent of the Bible in Christianity.

Julianos is also frequently viewed as the patron of the Emperor of Eurasia and Eurasian law. The largest temple dedicated to him is the Weynon Priory in Cortoriacum.