A photograph of Julium.


753 BCE


Capitoline Prefecture


Urban Prefect: Magnus Felix Ennodius
Body: Comitium Urbanis (Urban Assembly)


1,285 km2


10,343,542 (estimate)

Notable structures

Imperial Palace, House of the Senate, Arcus Triumphialis, Pantheon

Julium, also known as Urba Aeterna (Eternal City) and Urbs Solis (City of Sun), is the capital of Eurasia and one of the oldest cities in the world. It was founded in 753 BCE. The Tiber River runs through its center. The old city is built upon the seven hills, and it is divided into the Regions of Julium.

Founded as a fishing village thousands of years ago, the city served initially as its own city-state, then as the capital of the Laurentine Republic and eventually the Eurasian Empire itself. Home to the University of Julium, the oldest public higher-education institution in the world, it boasts some of the best educational facilities in the Eurasian Empire. Julium also boasts the most prestigious medical institution in Esamir, the Julian Medical College, which has been at the forefront of medical and scientific advancement for millennia. Arveyres also maintains a government building in Julium, the Arverium, which serves as a quasi-embassy.

Home also to some of the most powerful businesses in Esamir, Julium is the international hub for horology, with almost all of the luxury timepiece companies headquartered in Julium (others are headquartered in Arbor Felix). These companies form the Eurasian Timepiece Consortium or ETC. Julium is also home to the headquarters of Apple, Rolls-Royce, and Mercedes-Benz.

Being the center of Eurasian political, cultural, and religious life, Julium is perhaps the most heavily defended city on the planet, with a total of three legions permanently station in or around it to serve in its defense. While now outdated, the city does still boast a series of well-maintained and structurally sound siege walls, which form a ring around the city itself. As the Imperial Palace is also located in Julium, there is a legion of Praetorian Guard station within as well.