Julius Romanus
Noticias cadiz loaiza

Political office

Praetor of Vicus Leodicus

Assumed office

10 January 2015

Preceded by

Titus Carolus Decimus


Julius von Wolfe
9 September, 1961
Kresburg, Duresia

Political party



Clara Romana (m. 1994)



Alma mater

University of Julium


Novem Deos

Julius Romanus, born Julius von Wolfe on 9 September, 1961, is the current Praetor of Vicus Leodicus. He was born in Kresburg, Duresia, to a Lyrian father and Eurasian mother. He served for fifteen years in the Eurasian Fleets before being elected to the Senate of Eurasia. He was appointed Praetor in 2015. He is married to Clara Romana, with whom he has two children, Friedhelm and Eva.

Von Wolfe, upon emigrating to Eurasia, adopted a Eurasian name, in this case, the name "Romanus", referring to the town in Civitius in which he was stationed. He served in the fleets as an Optio, and after gaining Eurasian citizenship worked as an officer in the Ministry of the Police, before he was elected to the Senate. After serving several terms as a Senator, he was elevated to Praetor in 2015. His tenure has been marked by questions about his connections to several Lyrian politicians, many of whom have have connections to the Duresian throne.

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