Native to


Native speakers

21 million (2015)
L2 speakers: 7 million (2015)

Language family

Language isolate

Early forms

- Pokotae
- - Kae

Writing systems

Kae alphabet

Official language in


Regulated by


ISO 639-1


ISO 639-2


Kae ([kae]) is an isolate language native to archipelagan Kaevi. It is related to the language spoken by the Pokotil people. One who speaks Kae is called a Kaephone.

Kae is one of two official languages in Kaevi, the other being Esperanto. The language has communities of speakers across the world where Kaevi has had an influence.


While Kae has two distinct dialects, the standard version consists of six vowel letters, eleven vowel-consonant mixed letters, and thirteen consonant letters.
Kae Grapheme Kae Phone Modern Example
/a/ Similar to the a in apple
/iː/ Similar to the e in eel
/e/ Similar to the e in bell
/eɪ/ Similar to the ei in deism
/ɔ/ Similar to o in sort
/ʊ/ Similar to u in put
/dʒa/ Similar to ja in Jason
/dʒe/ Similar to je in jelly
/ka/ Similar to ca in cat
/kɪ/ Similar to ke in pocket
/kiː/ Similar to key
/məʊ/ Similar to mo in Moe
/me/ Similar to meh

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