Kaevi National Institute of Erekatih
Nacialernejo de Erekatih


"Paco kaj Bona Sano"
("Peace and Good Health")


2000 CE


Yevalva Ojifi Erekatih

Academic staff





Marbodo de Paco, Protection Prefecture


Rural, 939 acres

The Kaevi National Institute of Erekatih (Esperanto: Nacialernejo de Erekatih) is the primary learning institution for healthcare-related fields in Kaevi. It is named after Yevalva Ojifi Erekatih, the Administrator of Health at the time of the institution's inception.


in the late 1980s, lawmakers in Kaevi recognized the need for a modern healthcare educational institution to replace the local schools that taught dubious traditional medicine practices. The communist government of the time was being criticized for not pulling through on its healthcare system and in 1991, a measure was approved to construct the largest medical center and learning center in the nation.

An unincorporated site in the particularly rural and impoverished Protection Prefecture was chosen as a way of providing jobs to the ailing local economy and moving power away from Seprastitosio.

Kaevi National Institute (KNI) of Erekatih has proven to be highly successful in producing healthcare professionals and introducing modern medicine to Kaevi. As of 2015, the institution has produced over 6,000 graduates.


The mission of KNI Erekatih is to provide quality, learner-centered nursing education, research, and service with emphasis on patient-centered healthcare to serve the medically under-served areas of Kaevi.


The institution offers a number of level one, two, and three degrees. Admissions are relatively competitive, restricted to Kaevi citizens and citizens of the Governate of Saldekaste.

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