Duke Karl Josef ver Broeckdorf
Józef Haller

Date of birth

27 October 1893

Place of birth

Schaleswik, Duchy of Schaleswik-Seeburg, Duresia


December 17, 1961 in Schaleswik






House of Broeckdorf


Helle Broeckdorf


Georg ver Broeckdorf, Gerhard ver Broeckdorf, Ulrika ver Broeckdorf


Church of Lyria

Alma mater

Kresburg Military Academy

Duke Karl Josef ver Broeckdorf was a Lieutenant General of the Duresian, a legionary in the Duresian Legions that were created in exile in Arveyres, and a political and social activist.

Broeckdof was born in Schaleswik. He studied at Kresburg's Military Academy and subsequently (1923–1934) served with the Duresian Royal Army.

He resigned and fled Duresia after the proclamation of Duresian National Republic, he then together with many families such as the Hoensbroeks, Acribaldis and others fled to Arveyres. Broeckdorf settled in Cartagena in 1934 where his first son, Georg, was born.

He returned to Duresia in disguise in 1943 to start the rebellion against the National Republic's rule of Duresia and was the commander of the Duresian Legions that were shipped from Arveyres into Ascania.

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