Kendrick Berkeley

Political office

58th Chancellor of Aloia

In office

10 January 1965 - 10 January 1973

Preceded by

Lady Bird Johnson

Succeeded by

Victoria Chisholm


Kendrick O'Neill Berkeley
26 December 1902
Uppsala, Svealand


28 February 1973
Minneapolis, Anglia

Political party

Christian Democratic Party (1956-1965)
Christian Democratic Union (1965-1973)


Veronica Gates

Alma mater

Wellington College
University of Minnesota


Free Lutheran Church of Aloia

Kendrick O'Neill Berkeley (26 December 1902 - 28 February 1973) was an Aloian politician and journalist who served as Chancellor of Aloia from 1964-1973. Berkeley was originally a member of the Christian Democratic Party, but in 1965 the CDP and Christian Social Party unified, creating the Christian Democratic Union of Aloia. His re-election in 1968 made him the first CDU Chancellor. Since his term, the CDU has continued to dominate the chancellery, only vacating the office from 1993-2005.

Kendrick Berkeley was born into the wealthy industrial Berkeley family. He attended Wellington College. He made his fortune working for his family's oil company and acquired the Minneapolis Tribune in 1935. Under his leadership, the news organization acquired rival paper Minneapolis Daily Star. The merger established the Star Tribune, Minneapolis' leading news organization, as well as the main source for national news.

Berkeley remained owner and editor-in-chief of the Star Tribune until Chancellor Lady Bird Johnson announced she would not seek re-election in 1964. He was elected Chancellor of Aloia in 1964 and 1968. Berkeley announced he would retire at the the end of his second term. He died of lung cancer on 28 February 1973, a month and a half after his term ended. He was succeeded by fellow Christian Democrat Victoria Chisholm.

Berkeley's time as Chancellor is best remembered for the youthful charisma he brought to the office in the years following Louis DiClementi's death and Lady Bird Johnson's steady leadership. Chancellor Hadrian Rhodes' political career was started when Berkeley appointed the fellow Wellington alumni as Ambassador to Duresia in 1965 and then Ambassador to Arveyres in 1968.