Khanate Intervention
ханлиг оролцоо
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Two Eurasian legionaries and gendarme in Ulaanbaatar, after the capitulation of Queen Leo.


May 6th, 2012 - January 5th, 2013.


Khanate of Fire


Collapse of the Khanate of Fire, formation of Eurasian, Duresian, Tarajani, Arveyran, and Kaevese territories.


UNE Security Council, UNEPF

Commanders and Leaders

Augustus IV (Eurasia)
Heinrik, (Duresia)
Sofia X of Arveyres (Arveyres)
Friederick Wilhelm II, (New Tarajan,
Leo, Khanate of Fire

Casualties and losses:

Total: 500,000
Coalition: 10,000
Khanate: 490,000

The Khanate Intervention (Eurasian: Intercessio Cannae; Tarajai Dutch: Ingreep in de Khanate; Lyrian: Eingriff in das Khanat; Khan: ханлиг оролцоо; Arveyran: x; Esperanto: Ĥanlando Interveno) was a military intervention by the United Nations of Esamir Security Council into the Khanate of Fire, following an attack against religious minorities and a full-scale civil war. It ended with the arrest and imprisonment of Queen Leo and the partition of the Khanate into its current form.

The intervention was controversial, as the Duresians and Eurasians utilized tactics of questionable necessity, including the use of napalm and high-density bombing of cities in order to drive out the rebels and loyalist forces. The areas of the modern day partition are almost identical to the lands held by Eurasia and Duresia during the Great War. The intent of the intervention was to transition the lands held by the coalition back to local governance following a transitional period. However, Eurasia almost immediately declared that its lands had been provincialized as Ostium, and Duresia did likewise, declaring their lands a crown dominion. Today, any hope of the lands returning to native control is viewed as minute at best.

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