Kingdom of Bohemia

Preceded by

various Aloian Greek states

Succeeded by

Kingdom of Aloia




Bohemian, German


Majority Catholic, also Lutheran

Today part of


The Kingdom of Bohemia was a nation in western Naskigo, currently part of the Kingdom of Aloia. Bohemia traces its heritage to the Gallic Boii tribe brought into western Naskigo by the Eurasian Empire to displace the native Greeks. Bohemia comes from "Boiohaemum," meaning "desert of the Boii." The Bohemian nationstate was ended in 1912, at the end of the Aloian-Bohemian War. Bohemia and its territories today are states within Aloia.

Charles II was the last King of Bohemia and currently has three pretenders to the throne. Descendants of Charles II are still banned from the country, unless they surrender all claims to the throne. The monarch of Aloia, currently Victoria III reigns as Queen of the Bohemians. 

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