Kistiñe III
Co-Princess Kistiñe in 2016


Prairius 25, 1984 - present


Pluvus 5, 1929 - present



Heir Apparent




Royal house

House of Ibarra


Balendin, Viscount of Santurtzi







Kistiñe III (full name: Kistiñe Ibarra) was born on Ventus 8, 1929, in San Beñaten Hiria, Saint Beñat and Argiñe. She is the current Co-Princess of Saint Beñat and Argiñe and a Supreme Bishop of the Holy Catholic Order of Saint Beñat and Argiñe.

Kistiñe ascended to the throne on Prairius 25, 1984, following the abdication of her mother, Co-Princess Kattalin. Kattalin abdicated due to declining approval ratings in order to allow her more popular and experienced daughter to take the throne. She is considered to be the mastermind behind religious revival efforts in the principality and is known for using her powers to help communities that would have otherwise been overlooked by the national political scene.

Early life and education

The Co-Princess was born in Holy Sprit Hospital in San Beñaten Hiria on Saint Beñat Island to Co-Princess Kattalin and Viscount Balendin, a member of the aristocratic Azarola family. Kistiñe was educated at Maialene School, an elite all-girls primary and secondary school in San Argiñeren Hiria. After graduating, she joined the Order of Everlasting Love, commonly referred to as the Rose Nonas, a suborder of the Holy Catholic Order of Saint Beñat and Argiñe. Throughout the first half of her life, Kistiñe shied away from the politics that followed her family and preferred to live modestly. The then future Co-Princess was adored by the locals of southern Saint Argiñe Island and was well-known for counseling prisoners on Inferno Island. After living with the Order for twenty years, Kistiñe temporarily moved away to Arveyres in order to attend the Universidad de Cadiz. There, she received a four-year degree in history and two two-year graduate degrees in history and theology, respectively.


At the age of 45, she was appointed to the position of bishop of the Diocese of Getaria. Six years later, Kistiñe was relocated to become the archbishop of the Archdiocese of San Argiñeren Hiria. During her tenure as archbishop, she served in the House of Apostles and worked as its Speaker for the year before her ascension to replace her mother.

Co-Princess Kattalin notified Kistiñe in private of her plans to abdicate two days prior to give her daughter time to prepare. As promised, Kattalin abdicated in favor of Kistiñe and she was allowed to ascend to the throne without issue. Her first order as co-ruler was to to replace her now-vacant seat as archbishop with a moderate priest, hoping that he would could better attract young potential followers. Since then, the Co-Princess has remained active in religious affairs, and she has worked with the legislature to pass comprehensive childcare and criminal justice reform laws. However, her use of strong, rarely-used executive powers has drawn concern regarding the power of the monarchy.

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