Flag of Northumbria.




Konza City


Rosemary King Hughes (Christian Democrat)

The Kingdom of Northumbria is a federal state of Aloia, bordering Anglia, Kent, and Svea. Its capital and largest city is Konza City.

Northumbria is the largest of Aloia's states, and the second most populous, with 17.4 million people.

Located in the middle of Naskigo, the history of the state of Northumbria spans more than a millennium and a half. It has been a medieval duchy, a kingdom, twice a republic, and finally a state of Aloia. Northumbria was one of two kingdoms that united to form the modern Kingdom of Aloia at the Peace of Halle.

Northumbria's name means "land north of the Humber forest." Humber forest stretches from northern Anglia to Constance.

The last battlecruiser built by Aloia was recieved the name RAS Northumbria in honor of the state. Northumbria is now permanently anchored in Konza City's harbor as a museum ship and monument to military contributions by Northumbrians.

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