Kresburg mo
Photos of various areas of Kresburg


490 AD by Ragnar the Fair


Free City of Kresburg, Duresia


10,000,000 (estimate)


Master Jan Zugg

Kresburg (Low Lyrian: Kersborg) is the second largest city in Duresia and the fifth largest city in Norda. It is also the fifteenth largest Duresian state. Its population is over 10 million people, and the Kresburg Metropolitan Region (including parts of the neighbouring States of Schaleswik-Seeburg and Zydhafen) has more than 15 million inhabitants. The city is situated on the river Ärve.

Kresburg is a transport hub and is an affluent city in Norda. It has become a media and industrial centre.

The city is a notable tourist destination for both domestic and overseas visitors.

Kresburg has the biggest harbor in all of Norda and one of the biggest in Esamir.

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