The symbol of Kynareth, a bird soaring amongst the heavens.

Use Nature's gifts wisely. Respect her power, and fear her fury.

Kynareth (Eurasian: Chyne), also known as Kyne, from which the Eurasian name derives, is a goddess of the Nine Divines of Novem Deos. She is the strongest of the Sky spirits and is the deity of the heavens, the winds, the elements, and the unseen spirits of the air. Patron of sailors and travelers, Kynareth is invoked for auspicious stars at birth and for good fortune in daily life. In some legends, she is the first to agree to the plan to invent the mortal plane, and provides the space for its creation in the void. She is also associated with rain. Kynareth is generally seen as the embodiment of nature.

Worship of Kynareth is more popular amongst rural or more environmentally conscious segments of Eurasian society. She is invoked to bring good rains for a harvest, and is seen as the equivalent to, amongst others, the Maiorist goddesses of Hestia, Ceres, and to some extent Minerva. She is seen as the patron of the Ministry of the Environment. Crimes against nature are considered affronts to her divinity and divine personage, and are strictly punished in areas where Deosian religious laws have jurisdiction, such as Cortoriacum or some parts of Civitius.

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