Laura Welch

Political office

Aloian Minister of State


10 January 2009 - present

Preceded by

Aslam Al-Biruni


Laura Elizabeth Lane
4 November 1946
Fredericksburg, Texania

Political party

Christian Democratic Union of Aloia


John Welch (m. 1977)



Alma mater

University of Uppsala


Free Lutheran Church of Aloia

Laura Lane Welch is an Aloian diplomat and lawyer. She is currently serving as the Minister of State for Aloia, a position she has held since 2009. She was originally appointed by Chancellor Alma Gillespie, and was chosen to keep her position following the 2012 election of the new Chancellor John Mark Nelson.

Welch's story follows another Texanian Aloian politician, Lady Bird Johnson. Welch was born in Fredericksburg, Texania, to George and Helen Lane, wealthy and influential landowners and business people. Like Johnson, Welch's family wanted her to be able to receive the best education possible, so they sent her to the University of Uppsala in Svealand, Aloia. 

Laura Lane met her future husband John Welch while studying at the University of Uppsala. They married shortly after their graduation from Uppsala and moved to Minneapolis. Laura Welch became a professor of law and international relations at Augsburg College. In 1995, she went to work for the Ministry of State, to serve as Ambassador to Kaevi. She held this position until 2005, when she was appointed Ambassador to Texania. In 2009, Chancellor Gillespie appointed her Minister of State to replace the retiring Aslam Al-Birunil. John Mark Nelson chose her to continue in that role following the 2012 election, when he replaced Gillespie as Chancellor.

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