Laurentine Republic
Res Publica Laurentina


"The Senate and People of Raetia" ("Senatus Populusque Raeticae")



Official languages






Final Consul

Julius Eurasius


753 BCE

The Laurentine Republic (Eurasian: Res Publica Laurentina; also called "Raetia", being the ancient name for the lands surrounding Julium) was the republican state that preceded Eurasia. It was founded in 753 BCE with the founding of Julium itself, and functioned until at least the end of the First Laurentine Civil War under Julius Eurasius, but according to some estimates functioned at least technically until the reign of Cephorus I of Eurasia and the Writs of the Setertiamillenniary.

The Laurentine Republic was controlled by two elected Consuls of the Laurentine Republic, who served one year terms and were elected from the Laurentine Senate. The Senate of the Republic also permitted the Senatorial election of a Dictator during times of crisis, which was exploited by Julius Eurasius, allowing him to be appointed dictator-for-life. After he declared himself Emperor, the practice of the Senate "appointing" an Emperor was left intact, and until the 1300's the Emperor was ceremonially accepted by the Senate to mark his ascension to the throne. This led many to claim that the Laurentine Republic still, at least legally, existed, merely under a different name, with the position of Dictator being renamed as Emperor and Emperors not serving in a dynastic sense, but instead serving as individual rulers who happened to share the same patrilineage. This system was officially ended in the 1300's, following the Interregnum, and since an Emperor has not required Senatorial assent to take the throne. Hence, while it is commonly accepted that the Republic ended with Julius Eurasius, some scholars claim it continued until at least the death of Clovus Eurasius.

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