Laurentius III
The Emperor at a speech in 1935.


September 9th, 1924 - May 14th, 1947


September 9th, 1924


Titus IX




Clara, Mater Matriae


Titus IX


Rosa, Mater Matriae


Martius Eurasius
Tacitus Eurasius


Mos Maiorism

Marcus Eurasius Iulianus Laurentius Tertius Invictus, July 29th, 1883 to August 10th, 1947, was a Eurasian Emperor who reigned from September 9th, 1924 to May 14th, 1946. He presided over the start of the Great War and the Omnestacita. His reign was wrought with authoritarian repression and fascist dictatorship, and many of the controversial reforms he instituted were repealed by his brother and successor, Marinus. He is viewed internally with mixed opinions, but internationally he is widely viewed as one of the most infamous individuals in world history.

Laurentius' reign began upon the death of his father, Titus IX, upon which he began to institute various governmental reforms, authorized by the Senate, which consolidated power in the office of the Emperor. These allowed him to forge an alliance with the Duresian Republic, eventually culminating in the Great War, which lasted from 1935 to 1947. Following the collapse of the Duresian Republic, Laurentius enacted a series of measures designed to effect the repeal of the Granadan Compromise, which would effectively nullify Arveyran sovereignty and autonomy. In response to this, his brother Marinus and the Proconsuls deposed him in the 14-M Coup.

Following his abdication, he went into exile in Civitius, but was killed by Free Newellian assassins in 1947. His death was widely mourned in Eurasia, as many Eurasians were unaware of his internal actions. As with all Emperors, he was given a state funeral, and his body lay in state at the Pantheon before being interred in the Eurasii mausoleum.