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The Kingdom of Aloia consists of 8 states: the Aloian Capital District (CAP), Dakota (DKT), Inoka (INO), Konza (KNZ), Meskonsing (MSK), Minnesota (MIN), Saxony (SAX), and Svea (SVE).

This is a complete list of the states of Aloia ordered by total area. Internal water area (rivers and lakes) are included as land in these figures; external water area is not included in these figures. The following table is ordered in decreasing area size. All figures are based on estimates of the Map Commission.

State Area Real Equivalent
Konza 100,880 km2 South Korea
Minnesota 98,845 km2 Hungary
Inoka 95,885 km2 Hungary
Meskonsing 57,840 km2 Togo
Dakota 56,440 km2 Togo
Svea 39,500 km2 Bhutan
Saxony 37,595 km2 Taiwan
Victoria 4,015 km2 Cape Verde