The following is a list of the Auxiliary Legions of the Eurasian Legions. Auxiliary legions serve in the same roles as native legions, but are made up of foreigners. of the 16 auxiliary legions, 10 are Arveyran. Arveyran auxiliaries serve as the defense force of Arveyres, and are commanded by Eurasian officers but comprised of Arveyran soldiery.

  • Legio I Salariana
  • Legio II Pallantica
  • Legio III Cordubana
  • Legio IV Quencana
  • Legio V Gerundica
  • Legio VI Granadica
  • Legio VII Mariniana
  • Legio VIII Vasconiana
  • Legio IX Hispaliana
  • Legio X Valentiana
  • Legio XI Duresiana
  • Legio XII Hiberniana
  • Legio XIII Mons Sanctana
  • Legio XIV Nova Trajenica
  • Legio XV Aloeica
  • Legio XVI Ascaniana

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