The following is a list of major holidays in Novem Deos. Many of these holidays share dates with Maiorist festivals. Under Eurasian law, Deosian festivals are paid days off by law, though they are not nationally paid days off by law as Maiorist holidays are.


See Deosian Calendar for more information as to Deosian months
The Deosian holidays are mostly shared with the Marquettian Orthodoxy, however many Talos-centered holidays are not celebrated. Further, many Deosian holidays share Maiorist counterparts, and many are celebrated together.

Morning Star

  • 1st: New Life Festival: Celebrates beginning of new year.
  • 15th: South Wind Prayer: Festival of mass temple attendance, originally to pray for good planting weather.
  • 18th: Walking Day: Holy holiday in Cortoriacum, celebrates the victory of the High King over the Golden Dawn in the War of the Jarls.

Sun's Dawn

  • 2nd: Mad Pelagius Day: Celebration of the reign of Pelagius of Civitius, an eccentric Praetor who is said to have ruled for sixty years and who, on his deathbed, decreed death was illegal in Civitius.
  • 5th: Othroktide: Celebration of the death of Othrok, a Daedra worshipper executed in the 200's CE.
  • 16th: Hearts Day: Celebration similar to Maiorist Lupercalia and the Germanic Valentine's Day.

First Seed

Rain's Hand

Second Seed

Mid Year

Sun's Height

Last eed


Sun's Dusk

Evening Star

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