Coat aloia

Coat of arms of the State of Aloia.

There have been 35 monarchs of Aloia since the nation's unification following the Peace of Halle. A new Kingdom of Aloia was established in 1417 from the former kingdoms of Minnesota and Konza, and Minnesota's vassal states, the duchies of Svea and Saxony. The united monarchy was a result of a personal union when the Minnesotan Queen Victoria II married the Konzan King Alois IV. Their son Alois II was the first sole monarch of the kingdom.

Four royal houses have ruled over Aloia, and the current monarch is Queen Victoria III. Victoria is a member of the House of Nordahl, but she is also a descendant of all the royal houses of Aloia. It's been estimated that nearly every ethnic Aloian can trace their ancestry back to the original co-monarchs, Victoria I and Alois I.

House of Alois

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Succession right
Victoria I 1417-1422
1366, Minneapolis Alois I of Aloia, 4 children 1422 Declared Queen of united Aloia in the Peace of Halle
Alois I 1417-1420
1360, Konza City Victoria I of Aloia, 4 children 1420 Declared King of united Aloia in the Peace of Halle
Alois II 1422-1462 1392, Uppsala Mary of Uppsala, 6 children 1462 Son of Alois I and Victoria I
Gustaf I 1462-1466 1423, Uppsala Never married, no children 1466 Son of Alois II
Ludovika I 1466-1479
1420, Uppsala Ulrik Mendele, 3 children 1479 Sister of Gustaf I, Daughter of Alois II
Mary Joseph 1479-1501
1444, Uppsala Ansgar Ludwig, 1 child 1501 Daughter of Ludovika
Wenceslaus 1501-1523
1474, Uppsala Rose of Albana, 1 child 1523 Son of Mary Joseph

House of Vasa

Following the death of Wenceslaus, the crown was passed to Gustaf Vasa, the king's primary general and his wife, Wenceslaus' daughter Ludovika.

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Succession right
Gustaf II Ansgar 1523-1560
~1480, Visby Ludovika II of Aloia, 3 children 1560 Husband of Wenceslaus' only child, Ludovika II
Ludovika II1523-1550
1496, Uppsala Gustaf II Ansgar, 3 children 1550 Daughter of Wenceslaus
Erik I 1560-1568
1520, Uppsala Rebecca of Uppsala, 2 children 1570 Son of Gustaf II and Ludovika II
John I 1568-1590
1540, Uppsala Theresa of Aloia, 6 children 1590 Son of Erik I, succeeded his father after Erik abdicated after suffering a stroke
Sigismund 1590-1594 1563, Uppsala Ulrika of Visby, 3 children. All his descendants were removed from succession following the Synod of Uppsala, which banned Catholics from the throne. 1608 Son of John I
Karl I 1594-1611 1567, Uppsala Amelia of Owatonna, no children 1611 Brother of Sigismund, son of John I, drove Catholic Sigismund out with support from Protestant nobles
Gustaf III Adolf 1611-1632
Gustavus adolphus
1575, Uppsala Maria of Augsburg, 5 children 1632 Brother of Karl I, son of John I
Gustaf IV


1600, Uppsala Eleanora of Kensington, 3 children 1654 Son of Gustaf III Adolf, succeeded him upon Gustaf III's death on the battlefield against Catholics.
Gustaf V 1654-1660 1626, Uppsala Never married, no children 1660 Son of Gustaf IV
Karl II 1660-1669 1631, Uppsala Never married, no children 1669 Brother of Gustaf V, Son of Gustaf IV
Gustaf VI 1669-1670 1624, Uppsala Maria of Luneburg, 6 children 1670 Cousin of Karl II, nephew of Gustaf IV through his sister Augusta
Erik II 1670-1682 1649, Uppsala Catherine of Uppsala, 3 children 1682 Son of Gustaf VI
Hedwig Camilla1682-1688
1646, Uppsala Hans-Erik of Oberlin, 2 children 1749 Sister of Erik II, daughter of Gustaf VI, reigned as regent-queen until Gustaf VII came of age
Gustaf VII Randolf 1688-1697 1670, Uppsala Rosemary of Grafton, no children 1697 Son of Erik II
Gustaf VIII Jacob 1697-1718 1674, Uppsala Mary of Belleville, 1 child 1718 Brother of Gustaf VII, son of Erik II, succeeded Gustaf VII after Gustaf VII's assassination.
Gustaf IX 1718-1720 1697, Uppsala Never married, no children. 1720 Son of Gustaf VIII
Karl III 1720-1724 1694, Uppsala Julia Davis, no children 1769 Cousin of Gustaf IX, grandson of Erik II through his daughter Eleanor, succeeded Gustaf IX after Gustaf IX died of smallpox
Gustaf X 1724-1740 1696, Uppsala Sylvia of Osnabruck, 1 child 1740 Brother of Karl III, Son of Eleanor, succeeded Karl after Karl abdicated to marry a divorcee.
Frederik 1740-1751 1719, Uppsala Never married, no issue 1751 Son of Gustaf X

House of Aurelius

After Frederik died unexpectedly and childless, a succession struggle arose. Eventually, the descendants of Erik II through Eleanor's youngest daughter Victoria won out, and they established a new royal house, the House of Aurelius. Victoria had married Lord Aurelius, Duke of Svea, so the new house took his name and added his title to their own.

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Succession right
Gustaf XI 1751-1771 1721, Uppsala Linda of Falkenberg, wife and only child died in childbirth 1771 Eldest son of Duchess Victoria of Svea, daughter of Eleanor, daughter of Erik II
Erik III 1771-1792 1725, Minneapolis Juliana of Dannemore, 4 children 1792 Brother of Gustaf XI, son of Victoria of Svea
Erik IV 1792-1833 1748, Minneapolis Elizabeth of Huskvarna, 5 children, including the father of Otto von Halle and the mother of Johannes von Pfeil. 1833 Son of Erik III
Gustaf XII Hjalmar 1833-1837 1779, Minneapolis Mary of St. Augustin, 3 children 1837 Son of Erik IV
Victoria Augusta 1837-1901
1819, Minneapolis Gustaf XIII of Aloia, 5 children 1901 Daughter of Gustaf XII

House of Nordahl

When Victoria Augusta's son Gustaf XIV ascended to the throne, the law required that the royal house be changed. He named the new dynasty the House of Nordahl, named for his father, Lord Gustaf Nordahl (later King Gustaf XIII).

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Succession right
Gustaf XIV 1901-1950 1859, Minneapolis Brenda of Zumbrota, 6 children 1950 Son of Victoria Augusta
Gustaf XV Folke 1950-1973 1881, Zumbrota Amelia Prestegaard, 4 children 1973 Son of Gustaf XIV
Gustaf XVI Adolf 1973-2016
1946, Zumbrota Eleanor of Aloia, 3 children 2016 Grandson of Gustaf XV
Victoria III 2016-present
1977, Zumbrota Daniel, Duke of Saxony, 2 children Living Daughter of Gustaf XVI

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