La Bandera, the national flag of Arveyres.

This is a list of the symbols of the Kingdom of Arveyres.

The national emblems of the Kingdom of Arveyres are:

Natural symbols of Arveyres include:

  • The national bird, the Indian peacock (pavo cristatus), commonly recognized by its flamboyant feathers
  • The national tree, the Geronese wisteria (wisteria sinensis), which has hanging lilac-colored flowers
  • The floral emblem, the pink and white lady's slipper (cypripedium reginae), which were imported during the 1600s from the Aloian state of Minnesota and now grow wild in Alhambra
  • The national insect, the Monarch butterfly (danaus plexippus), which are common in the warmer parts of Arveyres
  • The national mammal, the bottlenose dolphin (tursiops truncatus), a common subject of Arveyran art
  • The national fish, the Arveyran salmon (salmo salar) a staple in Arveyran cuisine
  • The national gemstone, jade, which was extensively excavated in Salamanca during the 1500s

A Geronese wisteria (wisteria sinensis) tree in bloom

Other symbols of Arveyres include:

  • The national non-alcoholic beverage, Salamancan green tea
  • The national alcoholic beverage, soju, which is a Naju distilled rice liquor
  • The national fruit, the peach (prunus persica) which is common in Arveyran cuisine as a sweetener
  • The national food, steamed rice served with spicy fermented cabbage (kimchi) and steamed vegetables
  • The national condiment, mustard, which was imported from Naju in the 1800s