Lucius Ambivius Turpio
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Political office

Praetor of Beneventum

Assumed office

10 January 2010

Preceded by

Felix Martus Poterus


Lucius Ambivius Turpio
18 January, 1967
Beneventum, Eurasia

Political party



Livia Turpia (m. 1994)



Alma mater

College of Jupiter Sapientor


Novem Deos

Lucius Ambivius Turpio, born 18 January, 1967, is the current Praetor of Beneventum. He was elected to the position by the Senate of Eurasia in 2010. Prior to being elected Praetor, he served as the Deputy Praetor for Beneventum. He also served as a Tribune in the Eurasian Legions. He married Livia Turpia in 1994, and has no children.

Turpio's tenure as Praetor has been marked with some degree of controversy, mostly due to allegations that his actions against the local Christian populations are persecution. This has been vehemently denied by the Provincial Government, who alternatively claim that the Christian activities in the region are aimed at destabilizing the Province. Turpio has received significant assistance from the Ministry of Culture in this endeavor.

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