Lucius Martius Nerunius
Cesar sanchez perez

Political office

Praetor of Virconium

Assumed office

10 January 2016

Preceded by

Minia Novena


Lucius Martius Nerunius
25 September, 1981
Bruttium, Eurasia

Political party



Carolus Renus Aufidius (m. 1998)



Alma mater

University of Julium


Mos Maiorum

Lucius Martius Nerunius, born 25 September, 1981, is the current Praetor of Virconium. He previously served as a Senator for Virconium, and was an officer in the Ministry of the Police. He is married to Carolus Renus Aufidius, and they have two adopted children, Audrea Nerunia and Nonia Aufidia.

Nerunius is widely viewed as one of the most liberal provincial praetors, representative of his membership in the Populares. His tenure has saw widespread liberalizations throughout the province, including reformed attitudes towards Christians and Muslims, though many watchdog organizations still consider his administration to be repressive.

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