Lyrscher sprech

Native to

Duresia, and small communities in Arveyres and Farve

Native speakers

600 million (2015)
L2 speakers: 250 million (2015)

Language family

- Germanic
-- East Germanic
--- High Lyrian

Early forms

Nordsprek (Early Lyrian)

Writing systems

Urbance alphabet

Official language in

Duresia, Marina (Arveyres)

Regulated by

Kresburg Academy of Linguistics

ISO 631-1


ISO 631-2


High Lyrian (Lyrsch or Lyrscher sprech) also simply known as Lyrian is a Germanic language spoken in all of Duresia and mostly in the part that is called Lyria, it is related to Low Lyrian that though the similar name is not a dialect but a language that in many ways differs from High Lyrian.

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