Magdalena Ritter

Political office

Governor of Constance


10 January 2009 - 26 September 2011

Preceded by

Joseph Hanson

Succeeded by

Hans-Erik Painter


Maria Magdalena Blanke
22 July 1946
Braunschweig, Constance

Political party

Christian Democrats


Johann Ritter (m. 1976, div. 1989)
Joachim Hildebrandt (m. 1990)

Alma mater

University of Braunschweig
University of Solingen


Aloian Catholic

Magdalena Ritter (born 22 July 1946) is an Aloian lawyer and former Governor of Constance. She was convicted of corruption in 2011 and has been serving a 12-year term in Oxelosund Federal Prison since her sentencing in 2013.

Ritter was born and raised in Braunschweig, Constance. Ritter attended the University of Braunschweig and the University of Solingen. She joined a successful law firm in Solingen after graduation. She became Attorney General for the State of Constance in 1992. After her party, the Christian Democrats, were defeated in the 2000 gubernatorial election, she went back to her firm. She ran for Governor of Constance in 2008 with Hans-Erik Painter, winning in a very close race. 

In 2010, allegations surfaced about her mismanagement of Constance's state petroleum company, KonPetro. She was convicted of corruption and embezzlement in late 2011 and resigned on 26 September 2011. She was succeeded by her Lieutenant Governor Hans-Erik Painter. She was sentenced to a 12-year term in Oxelosund Federal Prison, beginning in 2013. 

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