Malacath from skyrim by kristofmonty-d4loeb1

Malacath, the Spurned.

Malacath (Eurasian: Malacus; Dovazhul: Mah Cath) is the Daedric Prince of the spurned and the ostracized, the keeper of the Sworn Oath, and the Bloody Curse. His plain of Oblivion is the Ashpit. Malacath was born when the Prince Boethiah consumed the Aedra Trinimac. Because his origin is not pure spawning of Padomay, he is shunned by the other princes.

Malacath is frequently worshipped by those shunned by society. He is not necessarily considered evil, merely misunderstood and embittered. The other Daedric princes do not even consider him a true prince, befitting his sphere, and Deosian authorities do not consider him a true Daedra either.

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