Mankato River


Springs near Alexandria, Minnesota


Hennepin Bay at Minneapolis

Basin countries


The Mankato River is a river in eastern Aloia, located in the Kingdom of Minnesota. The Mankato is the second longest river in Minnesota, after the actual Minnesota River. The Mankato begins in large underground springs in northeastern Minnesota, near the border with Konza and Oklahoma. It flows in a general southwest direction before converging with the Minnesota at Mankato, Minnesota. From Mankato, it continues under the Minnesota's name to Minneapolis, where it drains into Hennepin Bay. Hennepin Bay is the furthest inland section of the Bay of Biscay, which is the furthest inland section of the Baltic Sea, which connects to the open ocean.

The river was named for deposits of bluish-green clay along the banks of the river. The stream was called Makato Osa Watapa by the Dakota, meaning "the river where blue earth is gathered." The ancient Germanic settlers changed this name to Mankato, giving the river its modern name. The Mankato is an important historical river in Aloian and Minnesotan history. Most of Minnesota's oldest settlements are along the shores of the state's two great rivers, with notable Mankato cities being the city of Mankato, Nicollet, Faribault, Blue Earth, and Owatonna.

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