Marcus Antistius Labeo
Javier moliner

Political office

Praetor of Tergeste

Assumed office

10 January 2017

Preceded by

Priscus Tullius Aufidius


Marcus Antistius Labeo
3 June, 1971
Saepinum, Eurasia

Political party



Lucia Labea (m. 1994)



Alma mater

University of Arbor Felix


Mos Maiorum

Marcus Antisius Labeo, born on June 3rd, 1971, is the current Praetor of Tergeste. He previously served as a lawyer in the service of the Ministry of Health, and also as a Decanus in the Eurasian Legions. He is married to Lucia Labea, with whom he has two children, Maximilianus and Alexandra.

Labeo was elected to the office of Praetor in an especially curious election, in which he lost the first vote but on a requested recount was elected with a razor-thin margin. Many analysts have suggested that his confirmation was the result of political dealings behind closed doors, as the Optimates solidly blocked him but were overturned by the Proconsuls of Eurasia, who almost unanimously switch from voting against him to supporting him. He will be re-eligible for election in 2027.

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