Marcus Wendell O'Rourke

Political office

48th Chancellor of Aloia

In office

10 January 1897 - 10 January 1905

Preceded by

Johannes von Pfeil

Succeeded by

George Nelson


Marcus Wendell O'Rourke
8 March 1841
Lisbon, Natal Republic (today Natal, Aloia)


6 March 1935
Zumbrota, Victoria

Political party

Federalist Party of Aloia


Florence Dixon

Alma mater

Decatur College


Lutheran Church of Natal

Marcus Wendell O'Rourke (8 March 1841 - 6 March 1935) was an Aloian jurist and politician who served as Chancellor of Aloia from to 1897 to 1905 and Governor of Natal from 1893 to 1897

O'Rourke was born in Lisbon, a city in what was the Natal Republic. O'Rourke studied law at Decatur College in Decatur, Natal. He returned to Lisbon to practice law. When O'Rourke was 30, Natal was annexed into Aloia. Although he had initially campaigned against the annexation, O'Rourke was chosen to be part of an agency to help Natal efficiently adjust to statehood.

In 1882, O'Rourke ran for Senate of Aloia, hoping to represent northeast Natal. He lost that election, but in 1884 he ran again, this time winning. He represented Lisbon and northeast Natal for 8 years before running for governor of Natal in 1892. He won that election and ran for Chancellor of Aloia in 1896. He was the first, and to this day only, Natalian to be elected Chancellor. He worked very well with the aged Queen Victoria Augusta and was reelected in 1900. However, after her death in 1901, he announced he would finish this term but not to run again in 1904.

O'Rourke retired to his law firm in Lisbon. In 1935, he died while in Zumbrota visiting Peter Cassidy, Aloia's last Federalist Chancellor.

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