Maria of Saint Helena


30 August 2012 - present


17 March 1970
Saint Helena City


David of Saint Helena


  • Theresa, Duchess of Greensborough
  • Dominic, Duke of Trinity Port
  • Anthony, Duke of Port-Royal
  • 7 more

Full name

Maria Theresa Victoria

Royal house

House of Norelius



Maria, Grand Duchess of Saint Helena, (born 17 March 1970) with the full name Maria Theresa Victoria, is the current Grand Duchess of Saint Helena. She is the daughter of Patrick III and great-granddaughter of Patrick I, the first Duke of Saint Helena. She is a descendant of monarchs of Arveyres and has reigned over Saint Helena since 2012. Her position is unique because hers is the only state of Aloia that preserved their pre-existing nobility through the statehood process. Victoria III of Aloia is the head of each state except Saint Helena.

Maria's husband is David, formerly David DiClementi, a member of Aloia's prominent DiClementi family. Maria and David together have 10 children and the heir apparent is their oldest daughter Theresa.