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Mariana, officially Terra Mariana, is a state of the Kingdom of Aloia. It is located on the north coast of St. Mary's Gulf, across from West Texania. The capital is Riga and the largest city is Tallinn. 

Etymology and History

The state's name is Eurasian for "Mary's Land". The name was first used to refer to this region in 1557, when most of the cities on the Baltic Sea's southern coast broke from the Baltic League. The name Terra Mariana means "Mary's Land". The name was used by the seceding cities to declare their adherence to the Catholic Marian dogmas. 

Terra Mariana was ruled by prince-bishops, with the Prince-Archbishopric of Riga ruling over most of northern Terra Mariana. Terra Mariana maintained their independence from Aloia for 74 years, until King Gustavus Adolphus captured their last city in 1631. Terra Mariana was then divided into two separate administrative territories, Terra Mariana and Texania. 

In 1886, Texania negotiated independence from Aloia. A plebescite on independence with Texania was held in Mariana, which failed 54%-44%. The Mariana sovereignty movement was very active in the 1920s and 1930s but hasn't had much public support in 70 years.

The ruling aristocracy of Mariana traditionally spoke German, but the unique Lettish language has always been a more common language among the commoners. Most cities in Mariana have German names and Lettish names. While the German names were historically the primary names the towns used, most cities are taking back their Lettish names. This is all likely to become a moot point, however, because all across Aloia, English is quickly being adopted as the language of all the people. Historical and cultural ties to Texania have also accelerated the English language's prominence in Mariana.

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