Marquetien Civil War
Cortofino Castle
The Battle of Cortofino Castle


December 5, 1674 - August 13, 1682


Princedom of Fuerteventura, Princedom of Tavalhã, Princedom of Cordevar


House of Vedoys victory

Strength and casualties

  • House of Vedoys
    • 460,000 total
      • 39,451 dead
      • 5,900 wounded
  • House of Montero
    • 390,000 total
      • 77,340 dead
      • 11,600 wounded
  • Arveyres
    • 350,000 total

Civilian casualties


The Marquetien Civil War (Montesi: Гуерраъо Шелвиаъо Монтессано'но) was an eight-year long civil war fought in Marquette from 1674-1682 between forces loyal to the House of Vedoys and forces loyal to the House of Montero. It ended with Vedoys forces capturing the Eagle Palace, the home of the Montero kings, and Frédéric I's subsequent seizure of the throne.

The war began on December 5th, 1674 when Prince Frédéric I of Besançon led an initial invasion force of 26,000 soldiers through the Brìca Mountains to wreak havoc on the heartland of Montero influence. 

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