Marquetien Orthodoxy
Saint nathanael
Saint Nathanael


203 CE


84 million


Sect of Deosianism


Magna Omna of Fuerteventura

Nation with most adherents


 Marquetien Orthodoxy (Marquetien: Ortodoxo Montessa'no) is a sect of Deosianism practiced mostly in Marquette. It split from Deosianism in the 3rd century CE, with the self-immolation of St. Nathanael on the steps of the Eurasian governor's palace and his subsequent deification.

Deosianism and Orthodoxy are still similar in several ways, including the hierarhcy, the creation myth, and most of the gods they worship. However, Orthodoxy does not recognize Talos as a divine, and worships four saints in addition to the Eight Divines. 


A total of twelve divines are worshiped in the Marquetien Orthodox pantheon, including eight aedra and four saints. 


Marquetien Orthodoxy worships four saints in addition to the eight divines. Instead of being worshiped as gods of a certain realm, they are worshiped as champions. The four saints were deified either at some point in their life or after their death. 

Saint François is the champion of piety and sacrifice, and was deified long after his death for his heroic venture west across the barren tundra and through the Brica Mountains to found the city of Besançon. His piety and self-sacrifice is what helped him accomplish the journey, thus he is revered by those who wish to lead a private, religious life.

Saint Nathanel is the champion of war, and led a decades-long rebellion against the Eurasian Empire during its occupation of Marquette. After the tides of the rebellion were turning towards the Eurasians, he bravely gave a moving speech on the steps of the governor's palace in Vila encouraging Marquetiens to fight on. At the end of his speech, instead of allowing himself to be arrested, he self-immolated, and it is reported that the "flames of his flesh rose into the sky like glittering stars."

Saint Severin is the champion of fertility and passion. Severin was the lover and confidant of King Ferdinando VIII, and famously retained his boyish good looks well into his life. He was passionate in his advocacy for Marquetiens to be able to have sex with whoever they wanted. 

Saint Iulia is the champion of the arts, and she famously set the precedent for future Marquetien art, culture, and language. She founded the Academy of Pajara, which produced much of the art Marquette has from antiquity. 

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