Marquetien (Montesi)
Lìngua montesì


[lingua montesi]

Native to


Native speakers

73 million

Language family

- Raetic
- - North Raetic
- - - Marquetien

Writing systems

Urbance alphabet

Official language in

Marquette, Navarra

ISO 639-1


ISO 639-2


Marquetien (Montesì or Lìngua montesì), or Montesi, is a Raetic language belonging to the Indo-Esamiran family. It descended from the spoken Eurasian language primarily towards the end and after the Eurasian occupation of Granada (which included parts of Marquette). Marquetien has evolved from Eurasian, and its closest relatives are the other North Raetic languages, which include Arveyran and Ascanian. A Marquetien-speaking person or nation may be referred to as Marquetiophone in English and Marqueçiãd in Marquetien.

Marquetien is the official language of Marquette and holds official status as a provincial language in the Arveyran province of Navarra.

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