Mercedes II
A wartime photograph of Mercedes II (before coronation)




11 August 1931


Isabel III


Sofia IX


Andrés da Manila

Royal house

House of Vergara


Orentio da Aquino (biological)
Marinus (step-father)


Isabel III




Mercedes II (Mercedes Isabel Carmen da Vergara; born 9 March 1908 in Aquino, Arveyres), commonly known as Mercedes the Ironheart, was the Queen of Arveyres from her coronation in 1931 to her death in 1961.

Her reign saw the entrance of the Arveyrans into the Great War and the construction of work camps in rural southern Pontevedra and the enslavement of the displaced Newellian and Khanite people. Following her ethnic conquests within Arveyres, she managed countless changes in the progression from a nation involved in international diplomacy into a sheltered isolationist state, mainly breaking ties with the Magnoline Republic, which was annexed by New Zealand in 1941, and the public awareness of the enslavement of Newellian and Khanite people.

Her complex personality was described as intelligent and devout, but she also suffered episodic outbreaks and had a very sensitive temper.

She was given the title of the Ironheart years after her death by her daughter, Sofia IX, who had a very turbulent relationship with her mother who was abusive to her children. Her relationship with her other daughter, Serena was non-existent, as she chose to be raised by her father Andrés in Julium.

Mercedes' assassination in 1961 at the Bombing of Savoy Palace is often seen as the start of the Arveyran Ethnic Wars. Many believe Mercedes' children Sofia and Serena collaborated with Christian and Muslim terrorist groups to oust and potentially kill their mother, but this is left to much speculation. Her remains were burned on site, and has left many conspiracy theorists to believe that she had not actually died, but fled the country to bypass facing harsh criticism by the people.

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