Mercedes I
A portrait of Queen Mercedes


1718-1735 (as Grand Princess)
1735-1771 (as Queen)


11 August 1718 (and 1735)


Carmen III
(as Grand Princess of Arveyres)


Isabel I
(as Queen of Arveyres)


Eugenio da Vergara

Royal house

House of Vergara (after 1735)


Carlos Adrián da Astana


Anabel da Sofia




Mercedes I (Arveyran: Mercedes Carmen Angela da Vergara; born 15 April 1696 in Malaga, Arveyres, and died 11 August 1771) elected in 1718 following the death of her predecessor Carmen III of Arveyres, was the last elected monarch of the Dominion of Arveyres and the first hereditary monarch of the Kingdom of Arveyres, following her disestablishment of the Dominion in 1735, and the establishment of the Kingdom. She was succeeded by her daughter, Isabel I in 1771.

Mercedes is often viewed as the most productive ruler of Arveyres, with her 53 year reign being known as the Golden Age of Arveyres, in which many industrial and technological advancements were made in Arveyres. Under the rule of Mercedes, the Kingdom also increased in power with the annexation of the Province of Gerona, the expansion of relations with the Sultanate of Cordoba, and the acquisition of three ports in Cordoba which she bartered with the Sultanate for in return for helping the Sultanate acquire the Straits of Clervau and she led the acquisition of Ciudades de Reyes in Kaevi.

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