Milton Waite

Political office

44th Chancellor of Aloia

In office

10 January 1865 - 10 January 1869

Preceded by

Peregrine G. Chase

Succeeded by

E. G. McKenna


Milton Flavius Waite
1 January 1800
Solitas, Argentomagus, Eurasia


16 December 1873
Uppsala, Svealand

Political party


Alma mater

University of Minnesota


Unitarian Church of Aloia

Milton Waite (1 January 1800 - 16 December 1873) was an Aloian businessman and politician who served as Chancellor of Aloia from 1864 to 1868. Waite was an independent, but he was essentially a republican. His Vice Chancellor was Antonio Petrov.

Waite was born in Solitas, Argentomagus, Eurasia, to immigrants from New Zealand. He came to Aloia for college, attending the University of Minnesota. After that he returned to Eurasia, operating a shipping business for 10 years. He then moved the company's headquarters to Uppsala at the Red Straits, a very busy part of the Baltic Sea. He became a prominent member of Uppsala society and became an important part of the republican movement in Svealand.

During the Aloian Civil War, he was a well-known rebel sympathizer and his company provided supplies to the republican rebels. While republicanism after the war became highly distasteful in Aloian society, he remained a popular leader. In the 1864 election, he rode a wave of populism to secure a narrow victory, becoming Chancellor of Aloia. A self-proclaimed republican, he was constantly clashing with Queen Victoria Augusta and the royalist-dominated legislature. He was one of the least popular Chancellors in Aloian history after his election. He was defeated in the 1868 election by archaeologist E. G. McKenna. In all the years since Waite, another republican has never ascended to the office of Chancellor.

Waite died in 1873 and was buried in Uppsala. The 1960 Aloian Earthquake disturbed his memorial, bringing the 15-meter-tall statue tumbling to the ground.

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